I'm Sara Banks, a professional skier and ski instructor. Do you wonder what is the proper size for your skis and poles? On this site you can calculate their proper length! Just fill in your personal data and click calculate...

What length of skis do I need? How much do skis cost to buy? How do I choose skis? How tall of skis should I get? Should skis be taller than you? How do you choose ski size?

Given the fact that many people need advice, we have compiled some useful, smart-buying tips for purchasing skis.

In recent years, skis have become a serious investment. So:


1. Choose a good store  that has qualified vendors for advice on skiing. If you are a beginner and the dealer advises you to buy skis because they are only looking for a quick sale, then it is better to leave the store immediately.

2.  Ask your dealer for assistance.
Today’s market is flooded with brands. It is difficult to know all of them, let alone know all their hidden properties. Therefore, vendors are there to help you choose.

3.  Ask. The only stupid question is one that you do not ask.

4.  You should answer questions such as (a good salesman should ask you these):

- What are your skiing skills?
- How often do you go skiing?
- What experience do you have skiing?
- What are the routes you most frequently ski (steep, icy, cleaned, etc.)?
- How long are you in the market for buying skis?
- How often do you want to go skiing?
- Are you looking for a specific style of skiing (carving, downhill skiing, acrobatic skiing, etc.)?
- Will you make more or less turns?

5.  Gather as much information before buying (catalogs, websites, specialty magazines, friends).

6 . Price should not be the sole criteria of purchase, neither should be the design.

7.  Recommended length of skis should be somewhere from the chin to the eyebrows (use the ski calculator on this site). Longer skis are faster and more easily manageable at a higher speed. Shorter skis are easier to control at the expense of lower stability at higher speeds. Tip: do not buy skis that go below your chin.

8.  In the end, when you decide on a certain brand and type of skis, compare prices at different retailers, since it can fluctuate considerably from dealer to dealer.