I'm Sara Banks, a professional skier and ski instructor. Do you wonder what is the proper size for your skis and poles? On this site you can calculate their proper length! Just fill in your personal data and click calculate...

1. How to use ski calculator?


2. How to choose Ability level?


  • Beginner - Can make a snowplow or wedge turn and usually stops when desired. Recommended skiing - the greens, easy blues, and more lessons.
  • Intermediate - Can ski parallel on blue runs; has some ability to handle moguls, crud, or heavy snow; on a steep pitch, though, does more side-slipping than skiing. Stays basically with the blues, but challenges the blacks if they’re wide and groomed. Will often stay at this level for years in the foolish belief that lessons are only for beginners.


  • Expert - Hey, move over. Here she comes. Any run. Any time. Any condition. Can ski carved turns on almost any smooth surface, even a black. Run into problems, however, on steep runs pockmarked with moguls or covered with heavy snow or crud, or on double black diamonds.